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Industrial Belts
Classical, Molded Cogs, Double V, Banded, Variable Speed, Wedge, and Metric V-Belts.

Timing Belts can best be described as the belts with integrally molded teeth on its inside which makes positive engagement with axially-grooved pulleys. Timing belts are also known as synchronous belts or positive drive belts. Synchronous belt drive is not considered as a substitute or replacement to other modes of belt drives. Its unique feature enables use in positive drive resulting in precise movement of drive components. High strength, excellent flex life and high resistance to elongation are achieved.

Classical Belts
The first of the V-belts to enter the power transmission scenario, continued efforts of research and development has enabled the Classical belt to achieve power ratings considerably higher than most other belts available in the market. The compounds used to build up these belts are chosen to match the stipulated power ratings, and to also offer distinct advantages towards increased safety on critical drives. Primarily used as a replacement for industrial drives.
Special application is V flat drives where only classical belts are recommended. In applications where reverse idlers have to be used, classical aramid belts are more advantageous than other belt because of the smaller height.

Classical Molded Cogs
Molded cogs allow the raw edge belts to operate even over a smaller diameter pulley at high speeds. The cogs also help in reducing the bending stress, as well as providing the higher surface area for proper heat dissipation.

Double V-Belts (Hexagonal)
Double V-belts also known as hexagonal belts, can be explained as two v-belts joined back to back. The neutral axis containing the tension cord is exactly half way up the section. Hexagonal belts are used where several pulleys in the same plane are to be driven in the clockwise and counter-clockwise direction simultaneously. The polyester tension cord placed at the center of the construction provides the belt extreme flexibility and low stretch properties. Double V-belts normally find application in machines and rice mills, but are rapidly finding application in industrial drive.

Banded V-Belts
A&I banded belts are made up from Classical or Wedge belts with a strong tie band over them. The bandwidths are available in multiple sizes depending on the application. A&I will cut the belts to meet what ever our customers requirements are.

These belts tend to prevent rollover and reduce vibration tendencies. Such situations are not uncommon on drives with a combination of long belt spans and / or pulsating loads as created by an internal combustion engine or reciprocating pump and compressor. In such cases, belt whip may become so severe that belts interface with each other and turn over in the grooves or even jump out of the grooves. Banded V-belts eliminate such problems. Typical applications for banded belts include: vertical shaft drives, v-flat drives, agricultural drives, conveyor systems, crushers, compressors, generator sets, pumps and more.

Variable Speed (Multi-Speed)
A&I variable speed belts offer efficient power transmission with minimized wasteful heat generation. Variable speed belts provide high stability and minimal deflection even when operating at high temperatures. Variable speed belts utilize stiff polyester cords for length stability. Belts are designed with textile fibers oriented in the compound of the belt for strength and contain abrasion resistant properties contributing to a longer belt life. Molded cogs reduce bending stress & improve heat dissipation in cut edge cogged belts.

Wedge Section V-Belt
Wedge belts were created to meet the needs of manufacturers using higher power transmissions with reduction in the space requirements. Wedge belts can transmit higher powers to the extent of 1.5 to 2 times the amount of classical belts with the same top width. This has been achieved by the dimensional changes along with a better cord construction & the optimum placing of the cord line to best support the cord while in motion. The proven wedge configuration assures stability when heavy shock loads are encountered. Clutching is smooth, with no grabbing or jerking

Metric V-Belt
A&I offers a nice range of metric belts to accommodate our customer with any metric needs they may have with belts in the SPZ, SPA, SPB, and SPC range. Also available is cogged belts in the XPZ, XPB, and XPC metric belts.